Cocktail Hour Episode 1: How Gen Z Is Raising the Bar for Events—with the NBA's Joseph Graziano III

In the first episode of BizBash’s brand-new, six-episode podcast series, host Cliff Rigano delves into Gen Z marketing and catches up with the NBA's head of global event strategy.

Cocktail Hour Podcast Ep1 Joseph Graziano Iii

Host: Cliff Rigano
Guest: Joseph Graziano III

Cocktail Hour is BizBash’s brand-new, six-episode podcast series that dives deep into the world of experiential events, hosted by Cliff Rigano—the executive creative director for music and audio agency PM Group, and former creative director and head of culture, content, and experiential marketing for Mast Jägermeister U.S. Grab a drink, and listen up!

For the first episode of Cocktail Hour, host Cliff Rigano's drink of choice is wine—because millennials and Gen Z aren't drinking enough of it, according to The New York Times. Why? Well, it might have something to do with marketing. Rigano then welcomes this week’s interview guest, Joey Graziano, the senior vice president and head of global event strategy and development for the National Basketball Association (NBA). Expect to hear how Graziano is able to simplify his complex role to find success—and why he thinks other leaders should do the same. He also discusses “cultivating exclusivity,” how the NBA has fulfilled a pent-up demand for live events, and the ways in which the organization is addressing what Graziano referred to as “the struggle of the everyday event.” Cheers!

Also referenced in the episode: Silicon Valley Bank’s State of the Wine Industry Report 2023

Running time: 45:53

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