Podcast: Do You Really Know What Millennials Want From Events? (Episode 6)

An honest look at the views and expectations of the generation and an industry hoping to engage it.

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Hosts: Audrey Gallien and Brandt Krueger
Guest: David Adler

Everyone everywhere seems to be talking about, studying, and catering to millennials, a generation estimated to represent $200 billion in annual buying power in North America. And with so much information out there, how can event and meeting professionals learn the best way to target this key demographic? In this episode, hosts Brandt Krueger and Audrey Gallien are joined by BizBash C.E.O. and founder David Adler to discuss what the industry needs to know about Gen Y right now. With interviews from IMEX America attendees and a focus group of millennials, GatherGeeks discusses the “millennial mindset,” the concept of authenticity, the power of personalization, the end of long lines, when PowerPoint doesn’t work, sympathy tweeting, and more. Gallien and Krueger also cover what’s in the news, including the rise of gender-neutral bathrooms at venues, South by Southwest’s launch of a daylong online harassment summit, the F.C.C. banning blocking Wi-Fi hot spots, as well as what’s in and out on the Fresh List.

Sponsored by Event Farm and the Event Leadership Institute

Running time 56:10

Show Notes

In This Episode

  • In the News [02:34]: gender-neutral bathrooms at venues; South by Southwest’s online harassment summit, F.C.C. bans blocking Wi-Fi hot spots
  • Roundtable Discussion [08:21]: millennial mindset; the power of personalization; why PowerPoint is officially boring; sympathy tweeting; smart sponsorship
  • Fresh List [52:50]: adult coloring books; dark spirits

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