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SERVICE: Become an Etiquette Expert

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Did you know that there's a proper way to pass someone your business card? Do you have tricks to remember people's names? You can learn them from Dorothea Johnson (left) of the Protocol School of Washington, who has been teaching business etiquette and protocol for nearly 40 years. Her Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant course is an intense, five-day program where Johnson covers pre-meeting strategies, corporate gift-giving, handshaking internationally, how to make an entrance and work a room, and more. (She might even mention her daughter, rocker and model Bebe Buell, or her granddaughter, actress Liv Tyler.) The course is $4,900 excluding travel and accommodations in Portland, Me., where the school is located. --Suzanne Ito (Photo courtesy of the Protocol School of Washington)
Posted 10.01.01

Some business etiquette tips...
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