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VENUE: Ice Lounge a First for North America

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On November 22, C-Lounge nightclub will open an ice lounge in an insulated tent on its patio. Created by Iceculture, the lounge will use freezing equipment to maintain a temperature of about -5?C—just right for cozying up to the ice bar and drinking from glasses made of (you guessed it) ice. Rob Rosset, director of sales and catering with Liberty Entertainment Group, which owns C-Lounge, says the frosty attraction will be the first of its kind on the continent, and, at 2,600 square feet, the largest in the world. Construction will cost about $200,000, with everything made entirely of ice, with the exception of some ceiling and floor elements. Guests will be provided with gloves and long parkas. The lounge will stay open for about six months. The cost to rent the space for an evening ranges between $1,500 and $2,500. —Robyn Small
Posted 11.17.05
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