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Mary Poppins Remakes London Lane

At the after-party for the Broadway opening of Mary Poppins last Thursday, Ty Kuppig and Jim McNabb of McNabb Roick Events lined the entryway to Cipriani Madison Park (formerly known as Cipriani 23rd Street, formerly known as 200 Fifth) with hedges, lampposts, and wrought-iron gates to evoke the musical's Cherry Tree Lane. In the main dining room, blue tablecloths from Party Rental Ltd. and centerpieces with blue flowers covered tables, and deep-sea blue lighting by Citiview Audiovisual played up the blues that are prevalent in the show. Originally scheduled as a dessert party following dinners scattered at multiple locations, the event required more space than planned, prompting Kuppig to put tables in "not-so-obvious places," turning part of the building's lobby into an outdoor café-like space. —Meryl Rothstein
Posted 11.21.06