Podcast: How to Get the Right People to Attend Your Event (Episode 58)

Nick Borelli, an event consultant and marketer, discusses why event ambassadors and influencers can improve attendance and build trust.

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Hosts: David Adler, Beth Kormanik
Guest: Nick Borelli

In this episode of GatherGeeks, Beth Kormanik, executive editor of BizBash, and David Adler, C.E.O. of BizBash, hear from Nick Borelli of Borelli Strategies, an award-winning event consultant and educator who advises industry pros on strategies to increase attendance, utilize influencers, and improve marketing. Borelli shares his tips on getting the right people to attend your event by using the modern strategy of employing event ambassadors and influencers. He discusses ways to identify the different groups of people who would buy a ticket to an event, and then how to find ambassadors who would draw those groups in. He also dives into how much to pay brand influencers, the legal transparency needed, how “growth-hacking” works, and the ways event surveys can be effective. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in increasing event attendance.

Sponsored by Digitell.
Running time 31:06.

Show Notes

In This Episode: 

  • Roundtable Discussion [02:14]: why ambassadors build personality and trust for brands; how to find the right ambassadors to draw in the right people; ways to be as transparent as possible; how ghostfollowers.com can help event professionals; what is “growth-hacking”?

Coming Soon to GatherGeeks:

  • Speaking Professional Alan Berg on the Business of Weddings
  • Aaron Kaufman of Fifth Element Group on Why Event-Planning Firms are Endangered

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