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Spring’s Event Playbook: Capitalizing on the Sports Calendar

Spring 2024 calls for a championship strategy: blend your corporate events with the fervor of the season’s leading sporting events.

Photo: Courtesy of Interactive Entertainment Group

Dive into Spring 2024 with a game-winning strategy by syncing your corporate events with the season’s hottest sports showdowns. By integrating the thrill of competition and lineup, you’ll transform any gathering into an MVP-worthy experience, ensuring both high engagement and unforgettable moments.

Keep scrolling for an insider’s look at this season’s most anticipated sports, perfectly paired with experiences from Interactive Entertainment Group that will elevate your event to championship status.

Auto Racing

2Photo: Courtesy of Interactive Entertainment GroupThe Formula 1 season races from March to November 2024, with key spring and summer races igniting the passion of motorsport fans.

VR Racing Chairs: Delivers an immersive racing experience, making every turn and straightaway exhilarating for guests.

Motion Racing Simulator: Puts you in the driver’s seat for a thrilling race, blending realism with heart-pounding excitement.


3Photo: Courtesy of Interactive Entertainment GroupMLB Opening Day on March 28, 2024, marks the return of America’s pastime, setting the stage for a summer filled with home runs and strikeouts.

Batting Cage: Transforms any event into a thrilling ballpark experience, allowing guests to swing for the fences and ignite their competitive spirit.

Sports Speed Cage: Invites guests to unleash their inner pitcher, measuring the speed of each throw in a dynamic, competitive setting.


The court heats up with the NBA Playoffs running from April to June 2024, the NCAA Final Four on April 6 & 8, and the WNBA Regular Season from May to September 2024.

Urban Hoops: Allows guests to showcase their basketball skills in an elevated version of pop-a-shot, adding a sporty, competitive flair to your event.

Plunk It: A fast-paced, interactive game that combines beer pong with basketball, perfect for adding a unique twist to your event.


With the European Leagues concluding in May 2024 and the UEFA Europa League Final on May 29, 2024, the global soccer stage is set for thrilling matchups.

Multiball LED: A dynamic, interactive wall that engages guests with a variety of games, lighting up any event with excitement.

Sit Down Soccer: Brings the global passion for soccer to life in a fun, engaging, and accessible game, perfect for fans of all ages to enjoy. 

By aligning your 2024 corporate events with the dynamism and widespread appeal of the year’s top sporting events, you’re set to create unmatched experiences that resonate deeply with attendees. This strategic approach not only captivates your audience but also sets a new standard for engaging and memorable corporate gatherings.

So, what are you waiting for? Leverage the excitement of the sports calendar with experiences by Interactive Entertainment Group and take your corporate events strategy to the next level.