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The Royal CORT: Lessons and Insights From Today’s Top Experience Designers

For this multipart podcast series, we joined CORT Events for in-depth discussions with some of the industry’s heaviest hitters.

2022 Gather Geeks Royal Cort 1

Hosts: David Adler, Lilian Shen
Guests: André Wells, John Fuhr, Mo Husseini, Tom Kehoe, Shelly Tolo

In this special five-part sponsored podcast series, BizBash chairman and founder David Adler teams up with CORT Events' director of marketing Lilian Shen for a masterclass on what works in events and experiences today. The duo goes deep with five of the event industry’s biggest stars—André Wells, John Fuhr, Mo Husseini, Tom Kehoe and Shelly Tolo—who are all navigating a completely new post-pandemic world of events. Whether you space the episodes out or take a Netflix-inspired binge-listen, you’re sure to leave this series feeling informed, inspired and invigorated. Click the links below to access each episode.

André Wells: Exploring the Business Side of Event Design

John Fuhr: Developing Event Trends With an Eye for Space Design

Mo Husseini: What It’s Like Designing Gatherings for the Largest Event Producer in the World

Tom Kehoe: How This Top Designer Is Navigating a Post-Pandemic Event World

Shelly Tolo: Reinventing the Post-COVID Gala Format

These episodes are sponsored by: CORT Events
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