Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2023 with CORT Events

Stay ahead of the curved furniture trend with CORT Events in 2023.

Curved Furniture From CORT Events
Photo: Courtesy of CORT Events

Last year, design experts predicted the popularity of curved furniture. The streamlined version of this unique style—which first became prominent in the 1940s—is eye-catching and can be professional and fun. Take advantage of this striking design trend at your next event with CORT's Endless Large Curve Low-Back Sofa. When paired with pops of brilliant goldenrod like the swivel Bowery chair and a timeless geometric print on the customizable Posh Bar, this look includes curved lines in its design and soft textures that contrast against the sleek vinyl sofa.

Embrace the instant wow factor that curved furniture can bring into an event space with CORT Events. They don't just provide furniture rental options and support in planning and coordinating events; the team at CORT also offers plenty of creative ideas that meet your specific needs.

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