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Serena Bass' Latest Lounge Changes

Stylish caterer Serena Bass (of Serena Bass Catering) has even more changes in store for Serena, her two-year-old boite in the Chelsea Hotel. As we reported last month, Bass was planning to close the lounge for renovations for two weeks at the end of August, and reopen after Labor Day, just in time for some Fashion Week parties. But law enforcement agents raided the bar and gave Bass a citation for having an inadequate fire exit. Although The New York Post's Page Six said a Chelsea Hotel resident called the place a "deathtrap," Bass told us last week that her place was up to regulation. But now she's working to add another fire exit, which moves the re-open date to mid-September--and leaves her unable to accommodate the fashion parties she had booked. "It's a shame," she said.

Posted 09.04.01

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