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Fresh Face: Caterer Nisa Lee

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What She Does: Lee is the founder of Westchester-based Asian fusion catering company Thai at Home, which offers gourmet Thai and Asian fusion cuisine for events with up to 300 guests in the tristate area and the Hamptons. While other caterers have picked up on the Asian fusion trend with a few dishes, Lee specializes in it. She also offers her clients the option of cooking at the event in view of guests, for a more exciting experience.
Her Background: Thailand-born Lee has cooked traditional cuisines from her native land since she was a child, and later experimented with more contemporary dishes that mix Thai and other Asian flavors with Western culinary concepts. After founding her own company, she quickly built her client base, which includes Greenwich Capital and Time Warner Inc.

Her Style: “I think my business took off because people appreciate my modern, pared-down style,” she says. She serves on square porcelain trays ornamented with orchids, and food on her buffet tables sit upon slate-colored trivets. “My presentation is clean and simple. I let the vibrant colors in the food bring out the dish.” Favorite dishes include squash and coconut milk soup, and pan-seared coconut shrimp with Thai cocktail sauce.