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Union Square Hosts Big Promos

Two major promotions came to Union Square last week—one messier than the other, but both big buzz generators. Fruity beverage purveyor Snapple brought a crane to the square on June 21 in a stunt to build the world's biggest ice pop—it was 20 tons—for the Guinness Book of World Records. The problem was, it was 80 degrees outside and, obeying the laws of physics, the ice pop melted, spilling sticky liquid onto the surrounding streets. "We've always been involved in traditional outdoor event marketing," Snapple spokeswoman Lauren Radcliffe told AdAge. "We gave away the ice pops and Snapple to 45,000 [attendees], but who knows how many more we reached."

On Thursday, Sephora hosted a public event in the square to promote its new area store. The cosmetics retailer handed out freebies and provided makeover services for guests, whose willingness to wait in long lines for giveaways in the stifling heat surprised and confounded us.
Posted 06.29.05