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MarthaWatch: What Do You Think So Far?

So, have you been watching? We'll cop to being a little obsessed with Martha Stewart's version of The Apprentice, though we've been a bit disappointed with the first four episodes. First of all, where did they find these people? So far the folks who have been getting all the attention have been, well, not exactly Martha material. From what we've seen, they don't seem to be any different from the local newscaster types who mug their way through tasks on the Donald Trump version (which we'll admit to watching, too).

But we're not giving up hope, and we're interested to see how the candidates with event planning backgrounds fare. According to the show's Web site, Bethenny—the one who ordered the furniture for the losing Matchstick team during this week's Westin promotion—worked for Merv Griffin Productions in Los Angeles and founded In Any Event, a celebrity event company, before her current gig as a natural-foods chef with a food delivery service. (Stewart did start as a caterer, remember.) But we're betting her days are numbered. We also have our eye on Sarah, the blonde billed as an event planner on the show. According to her online bio, the 25-year-old plans and runs more than 30 large executive-level summits across the country each year for a healthcare consulting firm in Washington, D.C. So we'll be interested to see if she gets a chance to prove herself.

And what do you think? Email us at [email protected] to let us know. If you haven't been watching, you can get filled in by our friends at Television Without Pity.
Posted 10.14.05