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RENTALS: Company Rolls With New Casino Tables

E5360casino 01
Orlando-based event company the Art of the Party Inc. added a new division last month: Casinos by Art of the Party, which offers high-end gaming tables. Featuring leather handrails and red felt, the tables' unique element is the internally lit trough that can carry a logo or other message. Each piece can be underlit in any color, from white and yellow to red and blue. Packages begin at $3,000, which includes eight tables: one roulette (5 feet by 10 feet), five blackjack (4 feet by 7 feet), and two poker (5 feet by 9 feet), for as many as 100 guests. Crap tables (5 feet by 12 feet) are also available. —Vanessa Goyanes
Posted 10.13.05