Podcast: Is Live Storytelling the Future of Events? (Episode 129)

What event organizers can learn from the popular Pop-Up Magazine event series.

Chas Edwards Monday Am 700x467 07
Photo: Jake Stangel

Hosts: David Adler, Beth Kormanik
Guest: Chas Edwards

In this episode of GatherGeeks, David Adler, C.E.O. of BizBash, and Beth Kormanik, editor in chief of BizBash, hear from Chas Edwards, the co-founder and president of Pop-Up Magazine, a live event with performances by journalists, photographers, filmmakers, and more. He discusses what the event industry can learn from the series, including how to find good talent; how to create immersive, theatrical storytelling; why live experiences are so effective in a digital world; and unique ways to integrate sponsors—without sacrificing audience experience.

Sponsored by Hilton Meetings & Events.
Running time 47:17.

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