Podcast: Radically New Ways to Host Meetings That Really Work (Episode 180)

Meetings expert Adrian Segar discusses the "unconference" concept, tips for introducing a new event format, and what you can learn from his most recent book.

Adrian Seger

Hosts: David Adler, Beth Kormanik
Guest: Adrian Segar

In this episode of GatherGeeks, BizBash chairman and founder David Adler and editor in chief Beth Kormanik hear from Adrian Segar, a renowned meeting designer and conference facilitator and the author of the new book Event Crowdsourcing: Creating Meetings People Actually Want and Need. Segar shares how he coined the term "unconference," and shares tips and formats for various types of participation-focused gatherings. He also discusses the value of hosted-buyer events, how unconventional formats can build connections and confidence, and more.

Sponsored by Zkipster. Running time: 51:51

Show Notes

Roundtable Discussion: the value of unpolished presentations; tips for trying new meeting formats; new techniques he's developing; why unconferences build stronger friendships and business relationships than typical meetings; convincing the C-suite to try a new format

Further Reading:
Buy Segar's latest book at conferencesthatwork.com

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