Podcast: How 'The Washington Post' Is Using Virtual Events to Enhance Its Content (Episode 190)

Vice president of communications Kris Coratti shares best practices and lessons learned from producing weekly virtual panels and events.

2020 Gather Geeks Coratti

Host: David Adler
Guest: Kris Coratti

In this episode of GatherGeeks, BizBash chairman and founder David Adler chats with Kris Coratti, the vice president of communications for The Washington Post. Coratti explains how the publication is hosting four to five virtual events per week, some drawing as many as 600,000 viewers. She shares best practices for this new normal, discussing everything from the power of great lighting and sound to the nuts and bolts of content creation, marketing, and speaker partnerships. Coratti also discusses sponsorship models for virtual events, audience engagement strategies, predictions for the future, and much more. 

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