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The Engagement Dilemma: What Captures Attention Now? (Episode 213)

This episode offers key insights for understanding your audience, brand and event context—and challenging all your prepandemic assumptions about engagement.

2022 Gather Geeks B Brown S Mitra 1

Host: David Adler
Guests: Brendan Brown, Sohini Mitra

In this episode of GatherGeeks, BizBash founder and chairman David Adler sits down with Brendan Brown, vice president of strategy for George P. Johnson, and Sohini Mitra, the vice president of experiential at ImpactXM, to tackle the ever-relevant question of engagement at virtual, hybrid and face-to-face events. The group discusses what keeps the attention of attendees at events of all types right now, exploring whether it’s true that attendees pay attention to novelty, and if entertainment is the cost of entry for engagement. The world is changing rapidly, and this episode offers key ways to understand the audience, brand and context of any assignment—and to challenge all your prepandemic assumptions about engagement.

Sponsored by Hopin. Running time 41:42.

This episode is sponsored by: Hopin
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