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Podcast: How This Tech Company Is Simplifying B2B Payments for the Meetings and Events Industry

Learn how Onyx CenterSource’s GroupPay™ solution enables more money, faster payments, less effort, and actionable insights for planners.

2022 Gather Geeks Wagner Meyer 01

Host: David Adler
Guests: Tony Wagner, Sara Meyer

Meeting professionals are constantly multitasking. The last thing they want to do is spend time on manual, tedious processes that should just be easy—including cross-checking spreadsheets to track down commissions and payments. This is where Onyx CenterSource’s GroupPay™ can help. This holistic solution is an industry-first payments automation platform that provides hotels and meeting professionals with unparalleled transparency and efficiency to track and proactively manage their event commissions—which, in turn, enables easy reconciliation and faster payments. In this special sponsored episode of GatherGeeks, BizBash chairman and founder David Adler sits down with Onyx’s Tony Wagner and Sara Meyer to discuss the company’s expansion into the meetings and events payments sector of the hospitality industry, how GroupPay™ can help when planners feel like they’re “flying blind,” and what fast, easy commissions can look like with the right technology in place. 

Do you manage the meetings and events commission payments process? Tell us your thoughts on how we can streamline and simplify this process for a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 8! Take the survey here.

Sponsored by Onyx CenterSource. Running time: 41:37

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