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How to Get an Event Covered by BizBash

Periodically we get asked how we choose the events that we cover, and how people should submit events for us to consider. Here's a look at that process.

We’re always looking for innovative ideas for catering, decor, entertainment, production—all the elements that go into successful events. If you’re working on an event that you think would be interesting to other readers, please send us a brief description as early as possible before the event. A week or two of lead time is great; if you call us the day of an event, it’s less likely that we’ll be able to send a reporter. A list of the vendors involved can be helpful, too.

If we don’t send someone (or you don’t contact us), we’ll still consider writing about an event after it happens. If you send us five or six photos and a brief description detailing the most innovative ideas there, we’ll review them and contact you for more information if we’re interested in putting together a story. Please remember that timing is important here, too. We try to post our coverage as soon as possible; receiving photos a day or two after the event is fine, but sending them after a week passes rarely results in a story. We will, however, be happy to take a look and keep them on file for future stories about, say, cool catering trays or unusual entertainment acts or interesting entrances.

Unfortunately we don't have the time, space, or manpower to cover everything, so pitching an event doesn't guarantee we'll write about it. We strive to feature a lively mix and to balance several factors: We're looking for innovative ideas and strategies that can inspire readers, new and newsworthy events and concepts, and a mix of industries, vendors, brands, and types of events.

Remember that we cover corporate, nonprofit, and association events, but not personal events. Product launches, trade shows, benefits, guerrilla marketing stunts, and corporate meetings are all fair game; weddings and birthday parties aren't.

Lastly, people sometimes assume we know about every event happening. We find that flattering, if not necessarily true. While the editors talk to hundreds of people in the industry each week, we can't possibly find out about every single event or meeting going on in the markets we cover. So we count on our readers to send us information about their most interesting and innovative work. Please do. Contact information is here.