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5 Key Packaging Trends Emerging in 2020

StickerYou's custom printed products amp up any type of packaging!
StickerYou's custom printed products amp up any type of packaging!
Photo: Courtesy of StickerYou

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a year full of unprecedented events and unique challenges. Many markets and industries had to fight harder than ever before, while others saw a massive growth in product sales and customer base.

If we’ve learned anything from these highs and lows, it’s that we can’t quite predict the future. That being said, businesses should be doing everything they can to amp up their packaging and branding game—and set themselves up for success.

When it comes to your brand identity, packaging is your key to communicating with your customers, adding value, and building a positive experience with your company. Today, we’re taking a look at some emerging trends you can leverage to step up your game.

1. Packaging should tell a story. With many storefronts being extremely limited in terms of traffic capacity, or closed all together, many products are only available through e-commerce and curbside pick-up. This presents new challenges in terms of building relationships with customers and educating them about your brand.

There is now a need for new storytelling and education through packaging to gain and hold new interest in your products as consumer behavior changes. This can come in many different shapes and forms. For example, if you’re a local brand, incorporate your homelands into the design elements of your packaging to communicate that you’re not an overseas brand. If you’re a natural, sustainable brand, build your packaging around your ingredients list, to put the emphasis on the clean and Earth-friendly elements of your products.

2. Personalization and customization builds relationships. If you’re not offering an element of personalization catered towards your customers and clients, how can they relate to your brand? In the year 2021, customization will be more crucial than ever, as customers are looking for relatability and empathy amidst times of social distancing and lockdowns.

A whopping 70% of marketers believe that personalization has an extremely impactful effect on their customers—so when building your packaging, keep this in mind. At StickerYou, customization is at the forefront of what we do. StickerYou offers custom labels at quantities as little as 250 (and on die-cut sheets, with absolutely no minimums), allowing even small businesses and brands to up their branding game.

3. Eliminating costs and decreasing shelf space eases budgets.To be real, the pandemic has placed a damper on many of our budgets and expendables. Now more than ever, eliminating the cost of producing products and decreasing the size of product packages can be a lifesaver.

Companies are analyzing their product workflow and identifying areas that can be improved and updated. For example, switching to packaging that saves space, whether it’s easily stackable or smaller, can save your hard-earned money when it comes to transportation and shelf space.

4. Eye-catching substrates will set you apart. In the digital age of e-commerce, product saturation is at an all-time high, with many companies diversifying their offerings in order to reach new potential customers. This stresses the importance of setting yourself apart from competitors by adding value in every way you can.

Approximately 72% of consumers in America say packaging design heavily influences their purchase decisions, while 61% are more likely to become a repeat purchaser if a company is offering premium packaging. From embossing/debossing elements, to foil printing and complex unicartons, packaging can come in many different shapes and forms.

5. Sustainability and green packaging always wins. Consumers want to support companies that support the environment—whether you’re innovating your packaging to source more sustainable materials or giving back to initiatives that promote the preservation of our planet. Although this has been a trend for some time, it’s becoming increasingly important. With climate change being a serious concern for many of us, the onus is on corporations and businesses to aid in the fight for our future. Add value by communicating your efforts on your packaging, we guarantee your customers will thank you!