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New York Wins 2012 Olympics Nomination

It came as no surprise to many that New York won the United States Olympic Committee's nomination to serve as the host of the 2012 Olympic summer games. Now that the city is one step closer to winning the bid, city officials have to show that they can make good on their promises and build, build, build to accommodate the massive event. Among the big projects: An extention of the #7 subway line to far west side, a brand new stadium south of the Javits Center that will be home to the Jets once the Olympics conclude, and 4,400-unit apartment complex that will serve as Olympic village and house athletes during the games.

One interesting event industry-related development: City officials want the new 86,000-seat stadium south of the Javits Center to double as an expansion for the already space-strapped convention center. But The New York Times reports "Robert Boyle, chairman of the convention center authority, does not consider the stadium to be a substitute for expanding the center." Javits has already purchased blocks of land to the north with the intention to expanding northward.

The International Olympic Committee will decide which city will host the 2012 summer games in 2005.

Posted 11.06.02

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