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Paramount to Peggy: Drop Dead

After allegedly asking Paramount’s director of worldwide marketing Gerry Rich to give up his seat at the premiere for Mean Girls earlier this year, hotshot publicist Peggy Siegal may never work with the studio again, The New York Post’s Page Six reports. Siegal apparently mistook Rich for a nobody and asked him to give up his seat to someone more important, and although neither side of the dispute would comment, rumor has it that the studio will blacklist her from producing any future events. Further, the blog posted this comment about Siegal from an anonymous reader:

“Seems this once high-flyer is falling fast. Besides the little snafu she had with Paramount…it seems that they are desperate to have people show up. The past three invites from her office have come by e-mail and then are followed an hour or two later by a very aggressive phone call. The pushy assistant on the phone doesn't politely ask if we've received the invitation, she demands a response, though the party is weeks away.”

It seems the imperiled publicist could use a good publicist of her own.

Posted 09.22.04