'Conversations from the Inside' Virtual Discussion: Ideas, Insights, and Resources for Washington, D.C. Amid COVID-19

In a new virtual discussion series dubbed "Conversations from the Inside," BizBash gives industry leaders in local markets a voice amid the COVID-19 outbreak. This week: Washington, D.C.

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Hosts: BizBash founder and chairman David Adler; BizBash senior editor Ashton Pike
Guests: Susan Lacz, Ridgewells Catering; Cory Ryan Frank, Design Foundry; Rebecca Linder, Linder Global Events; Joe Schwinger, MeetingPlay; and Susan Saville of Hello! Washington DC

In this virtual discussion that marks the third part to a new BizBash digital series, dubbed "Conversations from the Inside"—which gives industry leaders in local markets a voice amid the COVID-19 outbreak—BizBash founder and chairman David Adler and senior editor Ashton Pike take to the Washington, D.C. market, chatting with local event professionals Susan Lacz of Ridgewells Catering, Cory Ryan Frank of Design Foundry, Rebecca Linder of Linder Global Events, Joe Schwinger of MeetingPlay, and Susan Saville of Hello! Washington DC. The panel discusses the future of events as a hybrid of live and virtual, the safety and health precautions their teams are planning to take when events are back up and running, the importance of staying optimistic, best practices for holding a virtual event, and much more.

Up next: Adler and Pike take to the Miami/South Florida market. Register here to tune in!

Running time: 1:07:40

Further Reading: See BizBash's coverage of how COVID-19 is affecting the event industry at bizbash.com/coronavirus.

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