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'Conversations from the Inside' Virtual Discussion: Ideas, Insights, and Resources for Los Angeles Amid COVID-19

In a new virtual discussion series dubbed "Conversations from the Inside," BizBash gives industry leaders in local markets a voice amid the COVID-19 outbreak. This week: Los Angeles.

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Hosts: BizBash founder and chairman David Adler; BizBash West Coast editor Claire Hoffman
Guests: Dominic Venn-Lever, Blueprint Studios; Rolando Espinoza, Champagne Experiential Studios; Wayne Fernandez, Magic Box; Vinnie Balistreri, Glisser

In this virtual discussion that marks the second part to a new BizBash digital series, dubbed "Conversations from the Inside"—which gives industry leaders in local markets a voice amid the COVID-19 outbreak—BizBash founder and chairman David Adler and West Coast editor Claire Hoffman take to the Los Angeles market, chatting with local event professionals Dominic Venn-Lever of Blueprint Studios, Rolando Espinoza of Champagne Experiential Studios, Wayne Fernandez of Magic Box, and Vinnie Balistreri of Glisser. The panel discusses the impact of the coronavirus on the west coast, how they're dealing with contracts and force majeure clauses, ways to create effective virtual events, how they're staying connected with their teams, and much more.

Up next: Adler and BizBash senior editor Ashton Pike take to the Washington, D.C. market. Register here to tune in!

Running time: 1:04:21 

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