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RENTALS: Inflatable Furniture Gets Chic Makeover

E5413bubble 01
The Bubble Fine Art & Design company launched in August a line of inflatable furniture that's fashionable, lightweight, and sturdy. The Bubble collection includes an 11- by 4-foot-long buffet table, a 4- by 3-foot cocktail table, a three-foot coffee table, and a 7- by 4-foot bar. No piece weighs more than 77 pounds; the furnishings take just 90 seconds to set up and five minutes to deflate and store. The furniture is available in 70 colors and can be printed with corporate logos for an additional fee. The buffet and bar feature compartments for food or beverage storage. Prices range from $700 to $1,000 for individual pieces; special pricing is available if you rent more than one. —Vanessa Goyanes
Posted 10.31.05