Reinventing the Sales Meeting (Sponsored Episode)

How LEO Events Partnered with Kowa Pharmaceutical to Jazz Up Sales Meetings

Leo Events Sponsored Episode

Hosts: David Adler
Guests: Justin Maddox, Producer, LEO Events, Airika Gigas, Vice President, Events, LEO Events, and Inga Hunter, Kowa Pharmaceuticals America

This special episode of GatherGeeks explores the power of a great sales meeting and the intentional architecture of a company's culture. In an era when remote team structures are the norm, an organization needs to make bold statements about who they are and what they want to accomplish in a year, with their most valuable asset—their sales team—in a matter of just three days,

Learn how Alabama-based Kowa Pharmaceuticals, the boutique pharmaceutical firm that is a “David” in a Goliath world, leveraged its agility by tapping LEO Events to turn their sales meeting from a ho-hum annual gathering of sales executives into a signature event that has produced proven results. They turned to LEO because of their experience and success working at the highest levels of brands like Walmart, Sherwin-Williams, and Auto Zone.

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