Podcast: How to Develop Your Own Theory of Experience Design (Episode 161)

Andrew Lacanienta, a professor at Cal Poly University, gives us a master class on designing effective events and experiences.

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Hosts: David Adler, Beth Kormanik
Guest: Andrew Lacanienta

Continuing the GatherGeeks podcast's "back to school"-inspired episodes, BizBash C.E.O. David Adler chats with Andrew Lacanienta, a professor in the experience industry management department at Cal Poly University. Lacanienta shares his definition of experience design, breaking down the different types of experiences and how they can be intentionally crafted to meet desired outcomes. He discusses the "theory of structured experiences," how role-playing can create better learning outcomes, why experiences are more powerful than services or gifts, and much more. 

Sponsored by Zkipster. Running time: 45:32

Show Notes

Roundtable Discussion: the three types of experiences; how "services" differ from "experiences"; inside the College of Extraordinary Experiences; the importance of human connection

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