Staffing is Half the ‘Bottle’ at 10th Veuve Polo Classic

Helping hands at the 10th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic.
Helping hands at the 10th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic.
Photo: Aurelia D'Amore Photography

For the 10th year of the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, held at Will Rogers State Historic Park, the team at Argyle Event Staffing provided a full range of staffing to handle check-in, where guests received their credentials and boarded the shuttles for a spectacular day of champagne sipping and divot stomping.

Argyle worked closely with its client, BrownHot Events, to provide promotional staff to handle check-in for nearly 8,000 guests as they scanned their tickets for entry at multiple locations. The staff also handled the difficult moments at the resolution desks when guests arrived with problem tickets. In the Rosé Garden parking lot, staff could be found scanning tickets and placing wristbands on guests to ensure that they could not take them off and give them to a friend. Then they guided the staff to waiting V.I.P. shuttles.

When guests arrived at the park, they were greeted by more members of the Argyle team who were handing out water, favors, and snacks. In the games area, they could be found managing lines, resetting games, assisting in picture taking, and guiding guests to the bars and food trucks. Every step of the way, Argyle's team of helpful smiling faces made sure the event ran smoothly and that guest needs were attended to. They even provided additional production staff to round out the BrownHot team.

"We get involved about five months prior," said C.E.O. Chris Albanese. "It's a big day for Veuve Clicquot, BrownHot Events, and Argyle. This is not a day for a client to use a startup website that's trying to disrupt the system. We guarantee our staff quality and numbers and manage the teams ourselves, so we always know you are getting the best of Argyle."

Argyle utilizes almost every event manager on its roster as they are spread out over multiple locations that touch every aspect of the event. "We still want to have staff available for our regular clients that day, too," Director of Client Relations Melanie Harris said. "We still staffed a few weddings and an event for Google today, too." Harris explains that, "We do these types of events all the time—USC graduation, award shows, festivals. Days like this have the ability to take up our entire database."

Argyle's Staffing Director, Amanda Wulwick, heads a team that handpicks the staff for each event. "Our recruiters search high and low to find the best new talent to make sure we are always ready for a big day like this."

As they walk into 2020 and look at expanding into new markets, Argyle will take on some of the biggest events Los Angeles will host, including working with our partners for the opening of the new Academy Museum.