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Make Corporate Gifting Meaningful With Curated Kits From Scarborough & Tweed

Learn how gifting has changed in 2021—and how Scarborough & Tweed can help you keep up.

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“What’s new and hot in gifting this year?” This is the most common question heard by everyone in the events and promotions industry—and not always the easiest one to answer.

While we all may have run out of adjectives to describe the past year and the beginning of the new one, this may be a year when this question really does have a clear answer. Gifting, like everything else, has taken a seismic shift during the pandemic. As the shutdowns began last March, the hot items were, to no surprise: PPE kits, work-from-home kits, mocktail/cocktail kits, and, of course, food, food, and more food. 

As spring turned to summer, 2020 saw an awakening of social justice issues that will continue to reverberate throughout the new year and beyond. Among the many initiatives that have sprung from this awakening is a renewed emphasis on companies to “make a positive impact.” Now more than ever, companies are looking for ways to align their gift-giving with their corporate and social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to help them to become part of the solution for righting past wrongs.

Corporate gift company Scarborough & Tweed has been helping companies for years—not only with gift-giving but also with their CSR goals. The company has been donating a portion of revenue from sales to charities since 2015. However, in a year like no other, Scarborough & Tweed has really helped its customers make an impact beyond the traditional “giving-back gift.” 

This past year, the shift has been offering clients curated gift kits that have a social mission as well. The kit might offer items from Black-owned businesses, Latinx-owned businesses, and small local businesses, to name a few. The message from businesses that gift these kits is clear: They are not only giving a client or employee a beautiful gift, but they are also helping many small companies and their employees most affected by the pandemic. According to Scarborough & Tweed President Lisa McCullagh, “You are giving a gift that has a multiplier effect, and the good you are doing continues to radiate outward to many deserving companies and individuals that truly benefit from the business.” McCullagh notes that with all the charitable giving her company has done over the past 28 years, this new initiative is among the most rewarding, adding, “The pandemic made us all change our businesses drastically to simply survive and remain relevant. The fact that we were able to help our clients meet their CSR and gift-giving mission, while also helping minority and small businesses get new business, is truly a win-win.” 

For more information, contact Scarborough & Tweed at [email protected].