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AI: How It Can Help Your Next Trade Show

Artificial intelligence is changing the game for trade shows.

AI: How It Can Help Your Next Trade Show
Photo: Courtesy of Map Your Show

If there's one topic that's been dominating the news and social media lately, it's artificial intelligence (AI). But what exactly is AI, and how can you use it for your next trade show?

In short, AI is referred to a software's ability to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making of the people who use it. It makes predictions for you, so you can spend less time researching and more time with the more important things in life. AI is not only growing itself, but the technology is also here to help your trade show grow. You just need the right trade show management platform that utilizes the technology.

Fortunately, our team at Map Your Show knows AI—and we are always looking for ways to help your show innovate. Currently, we utilize AI through our "Recommendation Engine." Let's dive a bit deeper into the specific audiences you are looking to help, and later, what the Recommendation Engine really is.

Who Do You Want to Help?
When looking for information on software to utilize for your trade show, it's good to take a moment to put yourself in the different perspectives of your audience. Let's look into trade show managers, attendees, and exhibitors.

Let's begin with you and your team. While it is easy to understand how you may feel, your team may feel differently regarding workload, overall job satisfaction, and more. During the COVID pandemic, we saw teams shrink to half their usual size with the same amount of work. We are still seeing many of those small teams today.

Meanwhile, exhibitors need visibility. A 2023 industry report concluded that 67% of companies name visibility as their first priority when exhibiting. This tool will need to funnel valuable leads to these exhibitors to keep them coming back to your show. As for attendees, time is extremely valuable to them. How can you offer ease of use and quick access to the products and services they're looking for?

Map Your Show's Recommendation Engine offers something for all these audiences.

What Is a Recommendation Engine and How Can It Help My Audience?
A Recommendation Engine is a tool that suggests items a viewer may be interested in, based on their engagement. These suggestions incentivize an attendee to view a company, a product offer, an educational session, and more on the online show portal.

Map Your Show's easy-to-use trade show management software will show these recommendations on the top menu bar next to the "My Show Planner" button. Through this, attendees can also spend less time searching for what they need and more time engaging with the companies they're really looking for. And for you and your team, this results in higher return rates.

If you are interested in learning more about utilizing Map Your Show's Recommendation Engine for your next trade show, schedule a demo with our team today.