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PRODUCT: I.D. Tag is Fashionable and Functional

Dog tags from Gateways Unlimited Inc. are more than just a trendy way to market an event, meeting, or tradeshow—they actually serve a purpose. On the back of each tag is a UPC code that, when scanned, confirms guests' information and allows access to a specific event or area of an event. It's a high-tech way to organize and keep track of guest lists. The company sells the infrared scanning gun and software that is compatible with an array of programs like Outlook and ACT, making it an easy process to assign information in a database to specific UPC codes. Once guests arrive, just scan the tag and everyone is automatically signed in. The tags can also double as invitations and can be made using as many as five separate designs per order. Prices range from $1.25 to $3.50 per tag with a minimum quantity of 100. A set-up charge also applies, but the fee is waived on orders over 1,000 pieces. —Vanessa Goyanes
Posted 08.31.06
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