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10 Event Planning Rules From IMG Fashion's Jarrad Clark

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Photo: Courtesy of Jarrad Clark

Jarrad Clark, global director of production at IMG Fashion, oversees Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week events worldwide, including New York, Australia, Berlin, and Miami.

1. Find a team of professionals whom you trust and are experts in their fields. It’s important that you all inspire each other, share the same vision, and are able to work hard, play hard, and laugh throughout the process.

2. Dream big and be a visionary, but also keep a sense of reality. Prioritize what can and cannot be achieved in your timeline and budget, keeping in mind that you can roll out innovations over the course of time.

3. It’s O.K. to ask questions until you understand exactly what your client wants.

4. Understand the limitations of your budget and resources, especially when working in foreign locations and currencies.

5. Location, location, location.

6. Ensure excitement and buzz for the event, from the first piece of correspondence your guests receive until long after the event ends.

7. “No” is not an answer anyone wants to hear. Solutions are our game and the game never ends.

8. Divide your day into chapters so you complete the administration and budgeting when alert. The creative and dreaming should be done at a time and location that inspires you.

9. Be on site as much as you can throughout the build. The delivery is in the detail. Never be afraid to change something if it’s not working up until the doors open. For events that run over multiple days, tune the engine as the event progresses.

10. Be organized so you can adapt and find solutions for any surprise circumstance.

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