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Schadenfreude & the City: Lizzie's Woes

Posted 07.09.01
The New York Post's front page story said it all: "Publicity princess Lizzie Grubman wept in handcuffs yesterday as cops slapped her with nine felony charges for mowing down 16 people at a Hamptons nightclub with a Mercedes-Benz SUV and fleeing the scene." Meanwhile, reporters, paparazzi, publicists and partygoers across the city are reading and gossiping with glee today, as Grubman's spokesperson, Rubenstein Associates' Howard Rubenstein, proves he's the guy even publicists go to when they get in trouble. And as everyone wonders about the effects of the case on Grubman's firm,'s Roger Friedman gives one tidbit: "With Grubman's clipboard and headset temporarily shelved, members of another equally disposed PR team were heard roaming about on Saturday proclaiming: 'We're the new kings of the world!'" But he gives a warning: "I wouldn't be having any coronations just yet, my friends. Summer is not even half over and there's a lot of karma still coming back around."

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