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FOOD: Caviar Goes Veggie

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Ahh, caviar...the luxurious "Pearls of the Sea" have traditionally been a treat of the moneyed and--although you may not have noticed--the carnivorous. But no more. Vegetarian caviar alternatives now bring the salty, acquired taste of sturgeon eggs to the non-meat-eaters among us. Faux roe Kaviar (shown at left) looks like the real stuff, but it's made with soy beans in Glendale, Calif., by Royal Caviar Inc. (Heart surgeon--not sturgeon--Robert Khatchatrian developed the nutritious product.) And Cavi-Art is an algae-based, kosher version manufactured in Manchester, United Kingdom, by Finlay's Finest and imported through Noble International Foods. So now you can give vegetarian partygoers a taste of luxury--and save some cash: 4.4 ounces of Beluga-flavored Kaviar costs $13.99 (plus shipping and handling), compared to $200 or $300 for the real roe. And, though we'd never suggest misleading guests, if you didn't tell them you were serving the fake stuff...well, it would be interesting to see who noticed, right? --Chad Kaydo
Posted 08.07.01