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TEAMBUILDING: Create Your Own Game Show

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In this difficult time following the World Trade Center tragedy, building a sense of camaraderie among employees is as important as ever. And if you need a fun way to teach some information--or you're still into the TV game show trend--Team Trivia, can be a fun contest-style way to generate excitement among guests while teaching them something. Developed by radio talk show host Doug Grunther, the contest emphasizes audience involvement and building excitement among contestants. At an event for the National Association of Broadcasting even a United States congressman was jumping up and yelling, "I've got it!" (Grunther also boasts clients including Calvin Klein and IBM, believe it or not.) The contests include the entire audience; each table forms a team, and groups have ranged from 20 to 600. The show can be customized to include company-specific information and to last anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours--that is, as long as execs don't stop to haggle over scores.
--Samantha Melamed
(Photo courtesy of Team Trivia)
Posted 09.26.01
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