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Lizzie and Peggy Split

In a move that shocked no one, PR partners Lizzie Grubman and Peggy Siegal announced they were splitting up their company, Lizzie Grubman & Peggy Siegal Public Relations. Flacks and others had been predicting the breakup even before Grubman's Hamptons Mercedes-Benz SUV fiasco. According to The New York Post's Page Six, Siegal will now team up with Harriet Weintraub (who split from her former partner, Mary Loving, earlier this year to form Harriet Weintraub Public Relations). "We think it's a whole new direction for the [p.r.] industry," Weintraub (the subject of a BiZBash Impresario profile) said. The new firm--called Harriet Weintraub/Peggy Siegal PR--will mix Siegal's movie biz contacts with Weintraub's mix of fashion and nonprofit clients and events (like the Whitney gala).

Posted 12.05.01

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