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For Beauty Writers, the Gift Bag of the Year?

Spa Finder had a packed house at its cocktail party the other night in the company’s office on Park Avenue South. A crowd of beauty editors and writers fluttered amid cubicles and among offices, where fancy skincare and makeup brands such as Kerstin Florian, Sampar, and Jane Iredale doled out makeovers, hand massages, eye treatments, and more. Also on hand was the Vere chocolate room, where truffles and low-cholesterol brownies drew “oohs” and “ahhs,” and the Five Rivers tasting room, where guests sampled eco-friendly wines. A buffet of cheese and crackers and fruit and an open bar were provided by caterer Susan Lawrence Gourmet Foods.

What really had the crowd buzzing, though? The gift bag. “This has got to be the gift bag of the year,” said one writer in the elevator, while another commented that she needed to hail a cab home, as the bag was too heavy to carry. Chock-full with mini- and full-size samples from most of the participating (and pricey) brands, the gift bag was—according to many of the attendees on their way out—the highlight of the night.
Posted 07.31.06