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DECOR: Event Company Offers Swashbuckling Theme

E5170pirate 01
Pirate Inc. provides props, entertainment, and merchandise for pirate- or Caribbean-themed events. Since 2004, owners Marcia Kavanewsky and Gregory Daye have been offering authentic-looking props and scenery for corporate events, fund-raisers, and music festivals. In August the company began offering backdrops resembling the merchant stores found in the old pirate haven of Port Royal, Jamaica, which can be set up around the main feature: a 20-foot pirate ship, complete with black Jolly Roger skull flags and its own dock environment, as well as cannons with smoke and flashing red lights that can be synchronized to music. The vessel does not float, but it can be set up outdoors or inside ballrooms or convention halls. Planners can incorporate promotional banners and flags with sponsor logos into the ship's decor. They can also opt for a merchandise shop that sells prop swords, pirate hats, and T-shirts. Singing swashbucklers are also available to mingle with guests and pose for pictures. Corporate event rates start around $1,700. Extras are available for an additional fee. —Vanessa Goyanes
Posted 09.02.05

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