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RENTAL: Easy-to-Use Temporary Flooring

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Traditional plywood flooringoften used at outdoor events beneath tentscan be time-consuming to assemble and often cracks or damages easily, especially on soft, grassy surfaces. Made of a durable thermoplastic, Soloco's new Bravo Mats are 48- by 48-inch square pieces that connect with integrated twist lock fasteners, and are quick to assemble and easy to stack when not in use. The mats can create a temporary road or walkway, and the skid-free pieces can also be used to level uneven ground or create flooring under a tent. The pieces are so tough that the military uses them to create makeshift landing pads for helicopters. And with rental prices ranging between $5 to $15 per piece, renting the mats can be cheaper than using plywood flooring. Jim Shi
Posted 01.07.04
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