Event Trends for 2001 Part 2

Daniel Boulud
Daniel Boulud

I see a trend toward more grazing menus--Asian-inspired foods are a great take on this.
--Olivier Cheng, partner and managing director, Matthew Kenney Catering & Events

I definitely love food on skewers, either to flavor the food, or just to hold it. People always do well with simple rather than complex foods at events.
--Daniel Boulud, chef and owner of Daniel, Cafe Boulud and Feast & Fetes

There's a bit of a backlash against all this terribly simple food. People are so tired of all the Asian food. What I love is doing very elegant buffets, with extraordinary linens and black-tie waiters. It's a way of being very elegant without being too fussy. It's glamorously relaxed.
--Serena Bass, Serena Bass Inc.


2001 will be more about designing a comfortable setting. It will be about creating an earthy and natural environment, as opposed to the sleek, modern and stark white look of the past year.
--David Tutera, David Tutera Designs

I think now that New Yorkers are going out more than ever, they have raised the bar for what they find exciting when they go to an event. The creation of ambiance is going to become hotter--not really from the floral side but how a caterer/designer can create a style for a client by working with furniture and light to create ambiance. There are only so many spaces, and you have to keep making them fresh.
--Olivier Cheng, partner and managing director, Matthew Kenney Catering & Events

I don't think we are finished with the East. I've spent the last two winters in Thailand, a virtual goldmine of design ideas. I think in 2001 we will be seeing more from Asian countries that have been overlooked in the past.
--Alex Heimberg (aka Miss Understood), Screaming Queens


2001 is going to be all about venue--and not your mainstream restaurants or banquet spaces anymore. People are going to want to go to a different place when they attend an event.
--Tara Donnelly, director of event marketing, Comedy Central

People like being out of restaurants because they have more control.
--Serena Bass, Serena Bass Inc.


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