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Motivate Your Team Through Employee Appreciation with Interactive Entertainment Group

Show employees they matter regularly with interactive events designed to strengthen your team.

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If there’s anything that working remotely has taught us, it’s how vital basic human connection is to our everyday fulfillment. But as companies continue to transition to an in-person schedule, we shouldn’t assume that this connection will be magically restored. Even in a physical setting, employees can feel isolated at their desks, with little time to engage with co-workers on a personal level. 

To keep team members connected, it’s crucial to regularly create opportunities for employees to interact beyond the workplace.

Employee Appreciation Is Critical

Now more than ever, employees need to feel appreciated and have flexibility and balance within a work environment. Outside work events are an essential component of a healthy professional culture. When employees are given the opportunity to gather outside of the workplace, it allows them to strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones across departments.

Showing appreciation for employees also creates company loyalty. According to SurveyMonkey.com, 63% of employees who are recognized are very unlikely to look for a new job. Additionally, Harvard Business Review found that 40% of employed Americans put more energy into their work if they are recognized more often. The long-term benefits of showing employees they matter? With happier and more loyal employees, you can retain talent and significantly reduce training costs over time.

How can you show employees you appreciate them? Host an event with Interactive Entertainment Group’s unrivaled inventory of unique products. From interactive games to virtual reality and beyond, these products will leave your team feeling more connected, engaged, and ultimately more motivated than before.

5 Team Building Ideas from Interactive Entertainment Group:

Giant Foosball Extreme

Collaboration and competition unite in this larger-than-life, LED version of a classic arcade game. Whether teams are broken up by department or made at random, players will have a blast as they attempt to score on the opponent’s goal.

Infinite Photo Booth

Make instant memories with a 5-in-1 photo booth, featuring animated GIFs, green screen photos, light painting, slo-mo videos, and morphing. After taking a photo, team members will receive a print-out to bring home or keep at their desks. The booth’s touch screen allows memories to be shared via social media, text, and email. 

Giant Pac-Man Battle

Unleash your team’s competitive side with a giant (and highly addictive) version of Pac-Man, prompting up to four team members to eat their opponents! Similar to the classic game, players can score points with fruits and power pellets and be eliminated by running into ghosts. After the last Pac-Man remains, a leaderboard with a variety of stats will be showcased.

Nitrogen Ice Cream

Nothing brings people together quite like dessert—so satisfy your team’s sweet tooth with a new twist on an ice cream social. Using liquid nitrogen in the recipe, individuals will bond as they mix and match ingredients for a creamy dessert made right before their eyes.

Giant Mini Golf

Get team members up from their desks and outside with a portable mini golf course, featuring a variety of obstacles to keep them on their toes. Players will putt their way to victory with a three- or nine-hole configuration.

Happier Employees Means More Productive Employees

Each of Interactive Entertainment Group’s offerings brings employees together in unique ways. Your team is your No. 1 asset, so showing them they matter outside of the workplace will ultimately inspire a more productive and energetic environment that gives meaning and satisfaction to your whole team.


Customization is available. For more information or to book an event, visit interactiveparty.com, email [email protected] or call 1.800.760.0724.