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Why Choosing an Event Tech Partner That Offers a Customer Success Team is Key

Before you choose your next event tech partner, make sure it includes a customer success team, so your virtual event is the best it can be.

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In the last year, a dynamic event landscape has emerged, embracing the digitalized world and all the benefits that come from virtual and hybrid events. Not all events are created equal, however. With the rise of virtual and hybrid events also came an array of new event platforms designed to cater to the dynamics of an event landscape that has transformed. But creating successful events goes beyond just having a platform—it’s the team behind it.

Enter the customer success (CS) team. The CS team encompasses the experts who have your back. They will help you learn how to use the event tech partner’s platform—before, during, and after the event. A dedicated event team can make a huge difference in the success of your event.

How? Here are three reasons a CS team is a must-have when looking for an event tech partner:

  1. A CS team helps onboard the entire event team to the event platform. This helps event planners save time instead of learning the platform on their own, and it allows them to ask questions and get quick answers on any platform-related issues. The CS team can help you understand how to best use the platform features, as well as how to best execute creative event ideas—so that you can deliver a memorable, engaging event experience.

  2. During the event, a CS team helps troubleshoot any issues in real-time. With the CS team by your side, you can ensure you have expert help to answer any questions your speakers, sponsors, or attendees have about the platform.

  3. A CS team helps event organizers understand, extract and export all the rich data captured by the virtual event platform. There’s no guessing game involved; your team of experts will help you figure out how to generate reports easily for sharing with exhibitors and sponsors, as well as how to measure event ROI using the event data and insights.

When it comes down to it, choosing an event platform like Hubilo, which ensures a white-glove customer success team is behind you all the way, makes an event organizer’s life simpler, and reduces stress levels when planning an event. Choosing an event tech partner that ensures you get support when you need it is critical for executing hybrid and virtual events that run smoothly for everyone, while also giving attendees an experience to remember.

Learn more about Hubilo here. Talk to an expert or request a demo here.  

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