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6 Ways to Host a More Sustainable Event

Discover ideas for making your event more sustainable this year and beyond

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Putting on a green event doesn't have to be a headache or logistical nightmare. The secret is to "think green" from the start and incorporate sustainable elements into your entire strategy. Keep reading to discover ideas for making your event more sustainable this year and beyond.

1. Research eco-friendly or LEED-certified event venues.
When choosing your venue, consider where the venue is located. Is it accessible via public transportation? Is it within walking distance from host hotels? Location plays a factor in how your attendees, speakers, staff and exhibitors travel to your venue. Making the location easily accessible by foot or public transportation can lower your event's footprint.

Also, consider the services your venue offers and whether its "green" policies are in line with yours. How do they source their energy? Do they utilize solar power or other renewable energy resources? Look for venues that are eager to share their corporate social responsibility (CSP) to the environment.

2. Create a sustainable event policy.
Sustainable events can feel complicated without a strategy or with a lack of intention. A sustainable event policy is the ideal way to ensure your team, venue, sponsors, vendors and stakeholders are all on the same page regarding how you plan to proceed with an eco-friendly meeting. Ensure that everyone functions as one unit and understands expectations of how processes will be handled.

3. Share your green agenda with exhibitors and attendees.
If your event is taking steps to go green, share it with the world! Done right, you can use this messaging as a selling point to entice people to exhibit or attend. We suggest sharing your intentions through your website, event blog, social media, email or video.

4. Invest in event supplies that can be recycled, reused, composted or disposed of responsibly.
By opting for sustainable event registration supplies like recyclable event badges, biodegradable badge ribbons, organic cotton lanyards and eco-friendly promotional products, you can make your event's first impression a green one. 

5. Minimize food waste with a "green" catering strategy.
Taking a sustainable approach to your event's food and beverage plan can make a big difference in eliminating unnecessary waste. Choose caterers that offer locally sourced meat products, seasonal food items and responsibly sourced products. Also, consider donating excess food to a local shelter or food pantry once your event concludes.

6. Create a waste-management program for your event.
Every event needs a waste-management program. Start by strategically placing recycling bins—correctly marked for paper, glass, aluminum and so on—throughout the venue. Hire a service team to ensure refuse is disposed of correctly depending on the type of bin. Consider compostable options such as bamboo when it comes to straws and cutlery. Lastly, place reusable cups or water bottles next to water stations.

Remember, taking steps toward a greener event doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive. Start your eco-friendly journey with budget-friendly, green event supplies from pc/nametag. Visit to learn more.