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How These Major Brands Are Staying Relevant by Going Virtual

Zoom happy hours and 2D digital environments are out in favor of photo-realistic, rendered environments complete with interactive touchpoints and trackable pre-, during-, and post-event analytics—which the following case studies prove are in.

Renhaus Visualization Studio
Renhaus Visualization Studio put its decade-plus experience in digital event renderings and virtual experiences to use with the launch of the FOX TV Fan Hub and IMAGE Skincare's IMAGE Virtual Biosphere.
Photo: Courtesy of Renhaus

At this point in 2022, virtual events are so much more than webinars (goodbye, basic video presentations and 2D environments). Event professionals have jumped into the metaverse deep end, and innovation is at the forefront of every experience. Take it from Renhaus Visualization Studio, which has been a leader of event technology since its inception in 2010 (and since then has become a member of BizBash's Event Innovator Hall of Fame).

The brand's decade-plus experience in digital event renderings and virtual experiences was ever-present with the launch of the FOX TV Fan Hub, where FOX Experiences and Design tapped Renhaus to create a virtual, 3D iteration of its FOX Studio Lot. The event invited fans into the Lot—which, IRL, is located in Los Angeles and otherwise unavailable for public tours—for a fully immersive, four-hour experience in a custom-built virtual environment.

Josh Mark, vice president of event technology and production, as well as the executive producer of special projects at FOX Experiences and Design, described Renhaus's virtual capabilities as "redefining 'virtual' and 'hybrid events.'" The sentiment was ever-present in the Fan Hub's touchpoints, which included livestreams via a mini player overlay, more than eight hours of live content, inside looks at FOX's upcoming series, a virtual photo booth, and more.

Mark said of the partnership with Renhaus: "Their immersive platform has given us the ability to reach our viewers digitally, while also providing a custom user experience that can stand on its own or seamlessly integrate with our live events and activations." And as platforms such as the FOX Fan Hub become so advanced that they blur the line between virtual and physical, every industry wants in. It was apparent beyond the broadcasting television network's event with the March 1, 2022 launch of IMAGE Skincare's IMAGE Virtual Biosphere, an evergreen initiative aimed at bringing the brand's flagship experience to consumers wherever they are in the world.

The storefront, albeit digital, is lifelike in design, with a branded check-in desk and cozy lounge area in the lobby, product-lined shelves, and a spa room complete with a robe folded on a treatment bed, a built-in vanity with a sink and product information sheet (just as a customer would see during an in-person IMAGE Skincare treatment), as well as playful neon signage that read "ditch the filter, get a facial." 

Paula Gonzalez Perkoski, lead creative for IMAGE Skincare, said her collaboration with Renhaus has been part of "redefining the future of professional skincare."

The partnership to create the IMAGE Virtual Biosphere, Perkoski explained, "illustrates our commitment to cutting-edge innovation." She also referred to the space as an "'edutainment' shopping solution," where, beyond "falling in love with the IMAGE Skincare brand,” visitors can "discover new products, educate [themselves] on top treatments, engage with hero ingredients, and purchase."

Whether an annual event like the FOX Fan Hub, a one-time movie premiere, or an everlasting environment similar to the IMAGE Virtual Biosphere, Renhaus doesn't stop at custom designs with immersive activities, live music, and API integration. It knows that, ultimately, it's all about ROI, so each space is equipped with Google Analytics for event planners or brands behind the digital designs to see where guests click, how long they stay there, and how many visit for a second, third, or fourth time, as many do.        

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