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Enhancing Event Experiences With Show Floor Theaters

Implecho offers a dynamic way to increase engagement and optimize event space.

Implecho provided ListenTALK two-way communications for Cvent’s CONNECT 2023 Flash Feature Theaters.
Implecho provided ListenTALK two-way communications for Cvent’s CONNECT 2023 Flash Feature Theaters.
Photo: Courtesy of Cvent

Events are often buzzing with activities, booth demonstrations, presentations, and a thousand conversations taking place all at once. The atmosphere can be electric.

Separating attendees into individual rooms for breakout sessions, however, can dampen that vibe. Silent sessions—an innovative approach to offering presentations—allow everyone to remain in the same arena or expo hall while taking in the presenter of their choice, creating a lively festival atmosphere.

What Are Silent Sessions?
Silent sessions, sometimes called silent theaters or silent conferences, offer a fresh and interactive way to deliver content. They typically take place in a large meeting space capable of hosting multiple stages and presenters at one time without sound bleed-over and distractions.

Stages or "theaters" are set up around the expo hall, and attendees who want to listen to a speaker wear Implecho headphones to take in the message. Audience members can easily switch between sessions by utilizing multiple channels on the headset, allowing guests to tailor their experience or event organizers to create a lively production with curated presentations. Options are available to set the system into two-way mode to support quickfire Q&A capabilities.

Enhanced Attendee Experiences
Expo halls are filled with a lot of ambient noises, making it difficult to hear conversations or booth demonstrations. Add in a booming sound system from presentations, and the challenge widens. Silent sessions help minimize excess noise from presentation stages and make for a more enjoyable experience for all attendees, not just those listening to a speaker. Plus, they allow everyone to stay together, building the energy in the room.

Higher Engagement
Speakers sometimes struggle to capture the attention of their audiences over the hustle and bustle of a convention. Because attendees wear headsets, they're able to cut out distracting background noises and focus on the message. They're provided with a more immersive and focused experience with optimal sound quality and comfort.

Q&A Capabilities
We've all been at events where an attendee shouts out a question that neither the presenter nor the audience can hear. It's frustrating for all involved. With Implecho's two-way headsets, attendees can ask a question with the push of a button on their device, and everyone can hear it loud and clear.

Better Space Utilization
The number of available breakout rooms is limited in convention venues, making it difficult to offer a range of educational sessions that engage and inspire attendees. Silent theaters offer flexibility and expand options. Multiple stages can be strategically configured into a showroom floor plan to optimize available event space, and presentations can take place concurrently without the need for walls or soundproofing.

Connecting with peers in your industry is at the heart of any convention. Because silent sessions don't require attendees to disperse into separate rooms, networking and social connections become an extension of the presentation rather than a stopping point. Silent sessions often take place adjacent to relevant exhibitor booths, which allow attendees to take actionable steps immediately afterward rather than having to hunt down a featured product or service later.

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