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Why MLB Drone Light Shows are Bigger and Better Than Bobbleheads

Baseball teams are starting to value experience over swag to enhance fan experiences.

Detroit Tigers Miggy Celebration
Photo: Courtesy of Pixis Drones

This is a sponsored story from Pixis Drones.

With 82 home games to plan for each season, MLB teams are always looking for new and innovative ways to attract and engage with fans. Right now, MLB execs are finalizing their budgets for the 2024 season ahead, and their marketing teams are working overtime to deliver the best value for that money.

We’re calling on our bullpen ace—the drone light show—to come in and save the game. A drone light show breaks through bobblehead fatigue, exchanging a physical promotional item for a truly unforgettable fan experience that makes lifelong memories.

Drone shows help create a big-game feel that delivers in three key areas: versatility, fan experience, and social media engagement.

Drone Shows Are a Marketing Team’s Versatile Five-Tool Player

A drone light show is completely customizable, allowing teams to bring their vision to life in the sky—whether it’s logos, hats, or images of All-Star players. Drone light shows help celebrate, commemorate, or honor almost anything. Think about some of the different ways MLB teams can utilize the awe-inspiring presence of a drone light show.

Opening night: What better way to get fans psyched up than a drone light show to kick off the season with huge formations in the sky of the team logo, faces from the starting line-up, and more?

Promotional nights: Anything you can produce in bobblehead form—a favorite player, the stadium, a legendary landmark from the home team city—will look even better as a drone formation animated against the night’s sky.

Player retirements or other milestones: Give fans a chance to cheer for their favorite legendary players and their incredible accomplishments in drone light show form.

Post-season and championship celebrations: A drone light show is the perfect way to create community amongst fans before a huge game or series—and ensure the noise level is uncomfortable for visiting teams at the next game.

Creating Community and Building a Bond Between Fan and Team

The impressive visuals created by a drone light show create an immediate bond between the fan and the team. Drone formations are huge, wondrous things—but also very personal and capable of awakening the inner child, filled with wonder, in all of us. Once fans associate that feeling with their team, they’ll remember why they’ve been coming to games for years—and start a new generational tradition that includes Major League Baseball.

Drone Light Shows Put Up MVP Numbers When It Comes to Social

Few things can get people to stop scrolling and focus their attention quite like a drone light show. Once the breathtaking footage is released on the internet, social channels of the team, a player, or even a fan will see an engagement spike. And at a time when competition is fiercer than ever for the attention and impressions, that represents priceless value.

Versatility, fan experiences, and long-lasting engagement on social media channels are all top-tier reasons why MLB teams should book a drone light show for special events this season.