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How to Create a Snapchat Geofilter

Ah, Snapchat or Instagram Stories—that is the question. Both have their pros and cons, but Sprout Social proclaims Snapchat the better option for relationship building and engagement. Encourage attendees to interact with your brand on-site by creating a custom geofilter.

1 Log in to Snapchat, then go to and select “Business.” 2 Upload a premade geofilter or use a Snapchat template to design one online—no Photoshop necessary! 3 After your geofilter is created, select the dates and times you want it to be available. (Note: You can plan your geofilters up to three months in advance.) 4 Search for your venue. 5 Draw a fence around the area in which you want your geofilter to appear. Click and drag on points to edit your fence, or right-click to delete a point. 6 Note pricing, double-check times and dates, and click “Next” when you’re happy with your fence. 7 Give your geofilter a name, select filter type (business or personal) and enter business details. 8 Enter payment information. 9 Agree to Snapchat’s terms of service and click “Submit.” 10 Snapchat will review your geofilter and email you when it is approved. 11 Your card will not be charged until the filter begins running on the dates you selected. Snapchat will email you when it’s live and when it is completed. 12 After your event, log back in to your online Snapchat account to see metrics and details on your geofilter’s performance.
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