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CENTREPIECE: Plants That Grow Before Guests' Eyes

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To add a sense of wonder to an event, check out the Amazing Dinosaur Plant from novelty products distributor MSI. So called because it actually predates the dinosaurs, this unusual inhabitant of desert regions from Texas and Arizona south to El Salvador is also known as a resurrection plant, based on its capacity to curl into a ball and survive waterless conditions. Once rehydrated, it begins unfolding immediately, regaining its height of several inches and its evergreen-like appearance in about three hours. The plant makes an intriguing centerpiece, one that will engage attendees throughout an evening. It also makes an ideal keepsake, because it can survive for years unattended in a drawer, only to seemingly return from the dead when given water. MSI began offering the Amazing Dinosaur Plant in Canada in July.—Robyn Small
Posted 09.12.05
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