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A New Activity for Daredevils at CN Tower

Photo: CN Tower
Last week the CN Tower launched its newest attraction, EdgeWalk, in honour of the structure’s 35th anniversary. Courageous visitors to the tower are now able to walk along its outer circumference, hanging 356 metres above the city. Walkers wear a safety harness attached to an overhead rail and are led in groups of six to eight by a trained guide.

The entire experiences lasts 90 minutes, but the walk itself takes 20 to 30 minutes. Tickets cost $175 and include a keepsake video, photos, a certificate of achievement, and access to the CN Tower Look Out and glass floor levels. EdgeWalk will be open from May to October in all weather conditions except high winds and thunderstorms. Although details have not yet been released, a teambuilding program for corporate events will be available soon.

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